Amaloa Jewelry opens stand at Lanzarote Open Mall

Unique and handcrafted creations: this is what awaits you at Amaloa Jewelry. If you already know them, you will be happy to know that from December 16, they will be waiting for you at their new stand in Lanzarote Open Mall!

Discover their creations on the first floor of our shopping center.

Casino etiquette : The Unwritten Rules in France

In the sophisticated universe of casinos in France, there is a mysterious and subtle code known as etiquette, which goes far beyond the simple rules of the game. These unwritten rules, often based on tradition and respect, play a crucial role in the global experience of players. So, what is behind these tacit rules that guide behavior and interactions within the most prestigious gaming halls in the country? What are the implicit expectations that visitors must meet in order to be accepted in this exclusive world? Let’s plunge together into the fascinating world of casino etiquette in France, where savoir-vivre often mingles with the frisson of the game.

In this article, we will explore in depth the unwritten rules that govern social interactions and the behavior of players in French casinos. We will decorate the rules of conduct that make up the elegant and relaxed atmosphere of the playgrounds, highlighting the codes of conduct to be respected in order to operate with ease in this exclusive environment. From the speech to the interactions with the staff, passing through the attitudes to adopt at the gaming table, we will reveal the secrets of casino etiquette in France. Prepare yourself to plunge into a world where respect for traditions and social conventions is combined with the excitement of the game, for an unforgettable experience full of sophistication.

Dress Codes to Respect

In France, casinos are places of a certain elegance and refinement, where a specific label is applied to players. Among the unwritten rules to be respected, it is important to emphasize the importance of speaking appropriately. Contracted garments such as shorts, tongs or sportswear are generally not accepted, and it is preferable to opt for a more formal garment.

Another essential rule concerns the behavior to adopt at the game table. It is of the utmost importance not to interfere with other players, to remain calm and respectful in all circumstances. In addition, it is recommended that you do not discuss the game in progress with other players, in order to maintain a serene and respectful game atmosphere.

Finally, it is important to remember that the payboats are an integral part of the casino label in France. It is customary to leave a check to the croupier in case of gains, as a sign of recognition for his service. This practice is appreciated and helps to maintain good relations with the casino staff.

Attitudes to Adopt at the Game Table

At the casino, there are unwritten rules in France that are important to respect to avoid any misunderstanding or uncomfortable situation. First of all, it is important to dress in an elegant and dignified manner. Contracted clothing such as tongs, shorts or sportswear are generally not accepted in playgrounds. In addition, it is essential to be discreet and respectful of other players and staff.

It is then imperative not to be harsh or aggressive during the playing of the game. Keeping its calm and politeness is essential to maintain a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. In addition, it is recommended not to monopolize the gaming tables if you do not play, in order to give other players the opportunity to enjoy the casino experience.

Finally, it is essential to play responsibly and to respect the rules of the game. It is important not to overstep its financial limits and not to disturb the casino’s scenic atmosphere. For more information on casino etiquette, please visit

Les Astuces pour Interagir avec les Autres Joueurs

At casinos in France, there is a set of unwritten rules that regulate the behavior of players. First of all, it is of utmost importance to respect an appropriate clothing, avoiding overly contracted clothing. In addition, it is frowned upon to talk too loudly or to disturb other players during a game. The respect of the croupiers and the staff is also paramount, with a number of requests often appreciated for a quality service.

In addition, it is important not to monopolize a game table if you are not actively engaged in playing. It is also advisable to leave a buffer in case of important gains. Finally, discretion is of the essence when it comes to his gains, he is unwilling to show his fortune to other players. By respecting these unwritten rules, players can fully enjoy the experience offered by casinos in France.

Understanding and Respecting the Rules of Politeness and Courteousness

At casinos in France, there are unwritten rules, but still essential in terms of labeling. First of all, it is of utmost importance to speak in an elegant and dignified manner. Inadequate or inappropriate tenants are generally not well regarded. Men often opt for a shirt and a dress, while women choose robes or elegant clothes.

Next, it is important to respect the calm and discretion inside the casino. Loud conversations or excessive behavior may disturb the atmosphere of the premises. In addition, it is recommended not to use portable telephones near the game tables, so as not to disturb other players or staff.

Finally, it is essential to respect the rules of the game established by the casino. This includes respecting the croupiers, following the protocols of each game and maintaining a courteous attitude towards other players. By respecting these unwritten rules, visitors can fully enjoy their experience at the casino in France and contribute to maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for all.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that casino etiquette in France relies on a set of unwritten rules that reflect both respect for tradition and elegance. From the clothing to the behavior to be adopted at the game table, these social codes contribute to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for all players. By respecting these tacit rules, you will be able to fully enjoy your gaming experience in French casinos, all while harmoniously immersing yourself in this unique and captivating world.